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Updated: Dec 3, 2017

Scraching the Surface

François Langin

Inspired by the Compagnons, a French organization of craftspeople and artisans dating from the Middle Ages that is still active today, François Langin utilizes tongue-and-groove construction and custom moldings, trim, inlays and finishes for his pieces, all of which are created by hand.

François Langin fell in love with the way of wood when he was 12. "I was struck by the perfume of the oaks, the cherries and the pines" the Santa Ana based furniture maker says. "I knew I wanted to create beauty with this material." Langin, a native of France, quickly carved a reputation for himself in his family of woodworkers: His first official commission was working on the king of Morocco's summer palace. Langin's passion later took him to the Phillipines, New York and California, where in 1993 he established his atelier. "I traded Pine trees for Palm trees," he says. His worldview is reflected in the handcrafted furniture and custom interiors that combine his passion for exotic woods and innovation with the Old World tradition he reverses. "My specialty is veneers, which I call 'haute couture for furniture' because veneer is nature's fabric," he says. " Each of my pieces is as crafted as an Hermès bag."

Langin's Assemblage Buenos Aires table is hand-shaped of American Walnut and is available in two heights and diameters.

Prized Possession:

The croix d'Agadez my mother gave me when I left France. I never take it off.


Rock climbing, it's the ultimate meditation.

On my Nightstand:

Spiritual readings, including the works of Rumi.

Design Icons:

Frank Gehry and French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank.


Knowledge is not meant to be kept to oneself; it is meant to be passed on.


More than 500 years of furniture history encompassing the work of everyone from André-Charles Boulle to Phillipe Starck.


Fragments of the Berlin Wall.

Current Obsession:

Developing a new technique of applying wood veneers.

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